Welcome! We offer a FREE VHDL simulator. Download and enjoy learning VHDL. Disclaimer: There is no support for this software; use at your own risk. We are also not sure the Linux version still works.

Step 1: Download the software. This downloaded file includes software for all editions (free, demo, standard, professional, etc.), even though new licenses are available only for the FREE edition.

VHDL Simili 3.1 Build#16 -- Windows (~9.2MB) or Linux (~9.4MB).

Step 2: Install the software

Windows: Run the downloaded EXE file and follow the instructions of the Installation Wizard (you may need administrative privileges).

Linux: Untar and run the install script as shown below. It is very important that you follow the instructions to change your environment (.bashrc, .profile, .cshrc, etc.) printed during installation. You can be logged in as any user so long as you have write permission to the installation directory.

tar xvf <name-of-downloaded-file>

Step 3: Download the license file (will download as symphony.lic) and place it in <install-dir>/bin directory after backing up any existing such file

Step 4: First time users only

Symphony EDA highly recommends running the tutorials. For users of Sonata (the GUI), please follow the instructions in Chapter 8 of the accompanying documentation. This tutorial is designed to teach you the features of Sonata in a very short amount of time (15-30 minutes). For users of the command-line tools, there are simple tutorials available in <install-dir>/examples/index.htm.

Sample screenshot of the simulator. Click for a larger image

Click for larger image