Symphony EDA Customer Support -- Tech Note #4

Problem with license manager complaining about bad system time (FLEXlm error: -88,309)

Applies to: VHDL Simili Version 2.0+
Last updated: Saturday June 18, 2005.


Most Simili tools (vhdlp, vhdle, sonata) perform a check to ensure that your system time is consistent. This is partly accomplished by ensuring that none of the files on your file system (disk) are newer than the current date/time. Unless the system time is found to be consistent, the FLEXlm license manager (lmgrd or symlm) may not start or individual tools that rely on the FLEXlm license manager may refuse to start. Also, unless your system time is consistent, the compiler may fail in other ways -- it may think that things are out of date (or vice versa) when doing dependency checking.

Note: It is also useful in a networked environment (if your files are across file systems on different computers), that all the computers on your network also have their time synchronized with a common time server (an NTP server perhaps). This will avoid problems with sharing files with other users/computers on the network.


To avoid the problem, please use the following steps.

  1. Make sure that the date and time on your computer is reasonably accurate.
  2. Find all files on your computer that are newer than the current time. The procedure to achieve this may be different depending on your host OS.
    • To identify the culprit files on Linux, you can use the 'find' command

      Example: touch /tmp/xyz ; find / -newer /tmp/xyz -print

    • On Windows, use the Advanced Search capabilities in the File Manager (Explorer) to find the culprit files

    If you need assistance with, this please consult your system administrator

  3. Once you have identified the offending files, you must update their modification dates or delete these files. If you are absolutely certain that you do not need these files then delete them. On Unix, use the 'touch' command if appropriate to change the modification date. Or use an appropriate editor (for example user Word for word document files) to edit the file and simply save it again which typically resets the modification date/time of the file.


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