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This page contains tools and utilities that are useful with (the free) command-line tools.

This is our user contributions area where users can publish/share tools/information that they have developed. These tools are not supported by Symphony EDA but we can act as a broker between you and the authors of these tools. If you want to make a contribution, or send comments to the authors of the contributed software, please contact us (if the author has not provided contact information) and we will forward your message to the appropriate author(s).

Standard Disclaimer: Symphony EDA and the authors listed here provide the software and advice without any warranties expressed or implied.

  1. Vsmake --- A makefile generation utility for use with VHDL Simili

Vsmake V0.03 -- A utility to create makefiles for Unix and Windows. You must have Perl available on your system. This utility will work with VHDL Simili version 2.0 and up. The following are some basic instructions:

  • Download vsmake.zip (6KB) and unzip the contents to extract readme.txt and vsmake.pl.
  • The readme.txt that has a description of the capabilities and some notes.
  • You have to compile your VHDL files using vhdlp at least once into their respective libraries. This will create all necessary dependency information for the vsmake utility to use.
  • This utility assumes that you want a makefile generated for all libraries in the current directory.
  • Run the perl script (vsmake.pl) at the DOS prompt (or at Unix shell prompt). You typically do this using the command "perl vsmake.pl" (assuming that the vsmake.pl file is in the current directory). Running the script with a -h option prints some help.

Contributed by:

Allan Herriman
E-Mail: allanherriman@hotmail.com

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